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Balance of form and content. Harmony of the external and internal. Self-trust and integrity. EQUILIBRIUM is the state of inner peace amidst any external and internal variables.

Our journey to the state of inner peace is reflected in the wardrobe of balance. Achromatic colors, free and concise cuts create a sense of external purity to express one's state. Architectural silhouettes and simultaneously lightweight fabrics that drape the figure remind us of the harmony of a multifaceted personality.

The EQUILIBRIUM collection is an expression of the next phase of creativity: the art of balancing polarities, keeping the focus on one's state, trusting every impulse with a sense of uncompromising tranquility.


Photo&Style: Vladyslav Chabanenko

Hair&Beauty : Oksana Cherepania

Model: Lia Chuvardynska

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