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EGO TRIP | FW 23-24

Freedom. Integrity. Following your true desires. EGO TRIP is a philosophy of being when you know your genuine self and embrace it with all the courage.

The wardrobe of egoist is laconic and refined. It is the principles to follow in life: honesty, confidence, and authenticity. An egoist chooses comfort and quality without compromise. Structural forms, premium natural fabrics, achromatic colors, timeless silhouettes. The egoist chooses only the qualitatively best, which will be a decoration of one’s incredible energy.

EGO TRIP offers you to look deeply inside yourself, to prioritize your true desires and values. And most importantly — to have the courage to uncompromisingly choose yourself from an infinite number of options.

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Photo: Polina Grebenik
Style: Anya Matviiuk

Hair & Beauty : Anna Zhadko

Model: Ilona Verbova

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