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We created CĖNC out of a great desire to bring life to every moment. Memories, heart-touching evidences of all the quality moments you once lived, have become the central players in our brand-positioning.

Mom is cooking, spices are smelled from the doorway.
Riding sleigh with your dad, you catching snowflakes with your mouth.
Grandma wraps you in a blanket, like wrapping in her hugs.
He gives you his jacket to keep you warm.

When we make each moment vital, it presents us the most precious memories. 

The meaning of our brand is to remind you how good life can be when you develop the ability to feel. Whether it will be the language of past memories or the future — decide for yourself. But no matter what, the feeling of home, from which everything once began, will remains forever. That`s why we embroider the coordinates of Ukraine on each label— your point of support in the past, now, forever.

There is always a CĖNC to fill everything with senses.
There is always CĖNC to feel.

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Photo: Polina Grebenik
Style : Anya Matviiuk 
Model: Marta Marchak, Uliana Verbitska

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