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WINTER 22/23

WINTER SOUL ESCAPE is an immersion in a melancholic mood, because in the cold period of the year, almost each of us needs some time alone to be with our thoughts, rethink the path we have taken and find the way to a new self. This idea became the inspiration and central theme of our winter collection.

Melancholy as the soul escape has no contrasts, only half tones. Melancholy is soft and can be felt as warm as well as cold. You can be embraced by this feeling and accept its true essence. Like the true essence of yourself.

WINTER SOUL ESCAPE reminds us how important it is to experience all feelings, even such as melancholy. And it is even more important to create new meanings, leaving warmth inside your heart.

winter 4.png


Photo: Polina Grebenik
Style: Anya Matviiuk 
Model: Yulia Daniuk

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